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PhD thesis: Arkabrata Bhattarchya

Click here to download: Terahertz Micro-resonators Investigated in the Near- and Far-field (2017)

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PhD thesis: Dick van Dam

Click here to download: Nanowire Photonics for Photovoltaics (2016)

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PhD thesis: Giuseppe Pirruccio

Click here to download: Coherent Absorption in Weakly Absorbing Layers (2014)

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PhD thesis: Martijn Schaafsma

Click here to download: THz Resonances in Semiconductor Structures (2015)

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PhD thesis: Said Rodriguez

Click here to download: Coupling Light and Matter in Metallic Nanoparticle Arrays (2014). FOM prize for the best PhD thesis in Physics in the Netherlands (2015). 

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PhD thesis: Grzegorz Grzela

Click here to download: Directional Light Emission and Absorption by Semiconductor Nanowires (2013)

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PhD thesis: Yichen Zhang

Click here to download: Long-range surface polaritons in thin layers of absorbing materials (2011)

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PhD thesis: Silke Diedenhofen

Click here to dowload: Propagation of Light in Ensembles of Semiconductor Nanowires (2010). FOM valorization chapter prize winner of 2011.

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Accepted manuscript in ACS Photonics

In this manuscript we show that surface lattice resonances arising from different in-plane diffraction orders in the lattice can couple with molecular excitons, leading to plasmon-exciton-polaritons with distinct dispersion and thus different group velocities. This manuscript is part of the special issue on strong coupling that resulted from the workshop SCOM 2016.

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Gabriel Lozano wins the Junior Researcher Physics prize of the Spanish Royal Society of Science

The prize was given for his “unique capacity to study fundamental physical phenomena at the highest level, giving rise to remarkable results and the ability of obtaining relevant applications from his research”. Gabriel was a postdoc in our group at AMOLF and Philips from 2011 until 2014. During this period he investigated the application of…
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