Laboratories and Expertise

The Surface Photonics group maintains advanced nanophotonics, ultrafast spectroscopy and THz laboratories, which are used for fundamental studies of strong light-matter coupling. These laboratories are also used for the characterization of material properties in optoelectronics (photoconductivity, luminescence, charge transport, carrier recombination, etc).



The nanophotonics laboratory consists of several setups: an integrating sphere for quantum efficiency measurements, a confocal microscope with scanning head for micro-photoluminescence measurements, a set of rotation stages for angular dependent transmission, reflection and luminescence measurements, a Fourier microscope for directional emission and absorption measurements. We also have several setups for ultrafast spectroscopy, which include a microscope for fluorescence life-time imaging of excited molecules and semiconductors, a transient absorption setup for optical pump-probe measurements with a temporal resolution shorter than 1 ps and a transient luminescence spectrometer for broadband ultrafast spectroscopy.



The THz photonics laboratory consists of two THz time-domain spectrometers, one of which allows for time-resolved measurements (optical pump-THz probe) of photo-excited samples. We also have an unique THz time-domain near-field microscope that we have modified to perform optical-pump THz near-field microscopy. With this instrument we can measure the THz photoconductivity of materials relevant for optoelectronics with subwavelength resolution.



In addition to the photonics laboratories, we have access to the state of the art clean-room facilities at the NanoLab@TU/e, which enables the fabrication of high quality samples and devices.