PhD thesis: Arkabrata Bhattarchya

Click here to download: Terahertz Micro-resonators Investigated in the Near- and Far-field (2017)

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PhD thesis: Dick van Dam

Click here to download: Nanowire Photonics for Photovoltaics (2016)

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PhD thesis: Giuseppe Pirruccio

Click here to download: Coherent Absorption in Weakly Absorbing Layers (2014)

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PhD thesis: Martijn Schaafsma

Click here to download: THz Resonances in Semiconductor Structures (2015)

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PhD thesis: Said Rodriguez

Click here to download: Coupling Light and Matter in Metallic Nanoparticle Arrays (2014). FOM prize for the best PhD thesis in Physics in the Netherlands (2015). 

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PhD thesis: Grzegorz Grzela

Click here to download: Directional Light Emission and Absorption by Semiconductor Nanowires (2013)

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PhD thesis: Yichen Zhang

Click here to download: Long-range surface polaritons in thin layers of absorbing materials (2011)

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PhD thesis: Silke Diedenhofen

Click here to dowload: Propagation of Light in Ensembles of Semiconductor Nanowires (2010). FOM valorization chapter prize winner of 2011.

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Accepted manuscript in ACS Photonics

In this manuscript we show that surface lattice resonances arising from different in-plane diffraction orders in the lattice can couple with molecular excitons, leading to plasmon-exciton-polaritons with distinct dispersion and thus different group velocities. This manuscript is part of the special issue on strong coupling that resulted from the workshop SCOM 2016.

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