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Surface lattice resonances imaged with super-resolution microscopy

In collaboration with the group of Andrea Baldi from the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER), we have mapped the enhanced emission of single fluorescent molecules coupled to a plasmonic particle array using stochastic super-resolution microscopy. You can read the results here. Read also the DIFFER news item.

April 18, 2019 0

Limits to strong coupling in 2D semiconductors

Our manuscript “Limits to Strong Coupling of Excitons in Multilayer WS2 with Collective Plasmonic Resonances” has been accepted for publication in ACS-Photonics. In this manuscript, we demonstrate experimentally and describe theoretically that strong light-matter coupling in of optical modes with excitons in 2D semiconductors is limited by dielectric screening as the thickness of the semiconductor…
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February 18, 2019 0

Enhanced quality factors of surface lattice resonances in plasmonic arrays of nanoparticles published in Advanced Optical Materials

We investigate experimentally and numerically two-dimensional arrays of silver nanoparticles and show how the Q-factor of collective plasmonic resonances critically depends on the quality of the metal film, the detuning between diffraction orders and localized resonances and the absorption of adhesive layer used between the substrate and the metallic nanoparticles. These silver nanoparticle arrays can…
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January 14, 2019 0

Nonlinear Emission of Molecular Ensembles Strongly Coupled to Plasmonic Lattices with Structural Imperfections published in Physical Review Letters

We demonstrate nonlinear emission from molecular layers strongly coupled to extended light fields in arrays of plasmonic nanoparticles in the presence of structural imperfections. In contrast to recent observations of exciton-polariton lasing and condensation in organic systems, photonic modes play a minor role at the emission frequency in our system, and this emission has an…
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December 15, 2018 0

Accepted manuscript on a novel method to measure time-resolved THz photoconductivity in the near-field

In this manuscript, we show proof-of-concept measurements on a GaAs film that was excited though a total internal reflection geometry. With this technique, we can obtain the photo-excited carrier dynamics and the THz photo-conductivity with a spatial resolution well below the THz diffraction limit. The manuscript entitled “Time-resolved terahertz time-domain near-field microscopy” has been published…
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November 27, 2018 0

Broadband optical response of graphene measured by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and FTIR spectroscopy

In collaboration with the group of Prof. A. Bol, we have investigated the broadband optical response of graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition by combining terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) at 0.25–1.7 THz with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) at 11–210 THz. These results have been published in the Journal of Applied Physics (J. Appl. Phys.124,…
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September 12, 2018 0

Etendue reducers for free space optical communication

We propose a new technology based on optical nanoantennas for reducing the etendue (divergence) of light sources. This technology could be applied for long range optical communication. You can find more details in our recently accepted manuscript in ACS Photonics “Plasmonic Nanoantenna Arrays as Efficient Etendue Reducers for Optical Detection” or read the News item…
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June 15, 2018 0

Article Publication: “Effect of optical damage resistant dopants on the dielectric properties of LiNbO3: Insight from broadband impedance spectroscopy and Raman scattering”

Lithium niobate is a widely used ferroelectric material with several interesting optical properties, however, it is prone to defect sites in the crystal which can lead to optical damage. To circumvent this, dopants can be incorporated into the crystal in a controlled manner, and in this work in collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Technology,…
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May 28, 2018 0

Accepted manuscript in ACS Photonics

In this manuscript we show that surface lattice resonances arising from different in-plane diffraction orders in the lattice can couple with molecular excitons, leading to plasmon-exciton-polaritons with distinct dispersion and thus different group velocities. This manuscript is part of the special issue on strong coupling that resulted from the workshop SCOM 2016.

February 22, 2018 0

Publication on near-field microscopy of coupled scatterers at THz frequencies

Accepted manuscript in Applied Physics Letters on THz microscopy of near-field coupled metallic resonators which exhibit electromagnetically induced transparency. In this work we map out electric near-fields in amplitude and phase, corresponding to the hybrid modes generated through near-field coupling between two resonant gold scatterers. The manuscript can be found at the following link:

March 21, 2017 0